Hourly Flex Service

With this premium service, you can fully benefit from flexibility requirements for within day balancing of your portfolio. In addition, you can benefit from market opportunities, for instance the within day, day ahead and month ahead volatility of gas prices. Characterised by multiple (re)-nomination possibilities within the day, high reliability and the high injection and withdrawal rates, this service gives clients the ability to manage energy portfolios and capture trading opportunities.


Capacity Volume
Multi cycle Single cycle
Profiled nominations Flat nominations
Trading Portfolio
No re-nominations Full re-nominations

Features - can be tailored to your specific needs -

  • Full within day flexibility
  • Capture intra-day, day-ahead and month-ahead opportunities
  • Profiled day-ahead nominations
  • Full within day re-nomination possibilities
  • Volume and capacity defined for multi-cycle use
  • Ratio: 0.75:1:175 (SI:SO:WGV), adjustable to specific needs
  • Withdrawal and injection according to a curve

All our firm services are available at the TTF and the Flange. The Accelerator Service is only available at the TTF. Lead times are based on GTS regulations, with a minimum lead time of 30 minutes. For handling at TTF, an additional lead time of at least  5 minutes is applicable.

In general, Hourly Flex Services can be contracted for a minimum period of 1 year.

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