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Save the Date: Opening HyStock, 26th of June 2019 25 April 2019

Dear [Aanhef] [Tussenvoegsel] [Naam],

I would like to invite you to the launch of our HyStock project, which will take place from 12 noon to 5pm on Wednesday 26 June 2019. Would you be so kind as to save this date in your diary? We are currently putting together an inspiring programme, which will feature special speakers. As soon as I am able to reveal the details of the programme, I will write to you again.

HyStock is the first Dutch plant to convert green electricity into green hydrogen on a larger scale. This plant is the start of a future hydrogen chain in which green energy will be converted, stored and transported to interested customers. It constitutes a significant step towards making the Netherlands sustainable and CO2-neutral in 2050.

Hydrogen in the Netherlands

Gasunie sees hydrogen as a clean energy carrier for industry, transport and the built environment. The HyStock project will demonstrate that green hydrogen is a realistic, safe solution that will help the Netherlands achieve the climate goals set out in the draft climate agreement.

Hydrogen in the northern Netherlands

HyStock is part of a hydrogen chain currently under development: there is a solar park next to the HyStock site that generates green electricity, while hydrogen filling stations have been built nearby to provide hydrogen for cars and trucks.

In the near future, Gasunie’s subsidiary EnergyStock will be able to store hydrogen economically and on a large scale for use at times when solar and wind energy are unavailable. We are also considering linking up with 20 and 100-megawatt hydrogen plants in Delfzijl and Eemshaven. In many respects, HyStock can therefore be seen as the start of a series of innovative and sustainable applications in the existing energy system.

Large-scale natural gas production in the Netherlands started over half a century ago in Groningen, and our region can now evolve into a catalyst for the Dutch hydrogen economy. For us, this is an inspirational and exciting prospect.

I hope you can save this date in your diary and look forward to greeting you at the ‘Zuidwending’ site, so we can celebrate the festive launch of this milestone together.

Yours sincerely,

Han Fennema
CEO and chairman of the Executive Board of Gasunie


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