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Press release 15 October 2015
EnergyStock introduces Volatility dashboard supporting new services

From today EnergyStock will publish live information on the rolling 30-days and annual TTF gas price volatility in its new volatility dashboard. The dashboard supports the three new flexibility services and a special interruptible Accelerator Service which EnergyStock offers with a start date of 1 January 2016.

Volatility dashboard live

Volatility is a key driver for commercial and risk management decisions of energy companies and energy traders. As a result, EnergyStock has developed a clear and objective index. On our company website we will be publishing live information on the rolling 30-days and annual TTF gas price volatility in a volatility dashboard.

New flexibility Services

EnergyStock provides three firm services to meet customers’ needs. With our updated premium service, the Hourly Flex Service, customers are able to fully use the hourly flexibility necessary to meet the requirements of their portfolios. In addition it enables customers to take advantage of market opportunities, for instance the intra-day, day-ahead and month-ahead volatility of gas prices.

The new Volatility Trading Service is a multi cycle service that has been specifically developed to enable traders to take advantage of gas price fluctuations in the market by capturing intrinsic as well as extrinsic value. With this trading service customers can benefit from day-ahead and month-ahead volatility.

The new Spread Trading Service is a single cycle service that has been developed to enable traders to capture intrinsic value. The service is aligned with the tradeable TTF products. It facilitates short and long term spread trading opportunities, from daily to seasonal spread trading.

New in the industry: The Accelerator Service

The Accelerator Service is a special type of service offered to the market. In addition to our firm services, the Accelerator Service, with an interruptible characteristic, is available to complement all services on TTF.

  • Possibility to easily and quickly capture market opportunities
  • Use 20% extra send-in and send-out capacity, by temporarily further “pressing the gas pedal”
  • Pay-as-you-use fee structure
  • No upfront booking: accelerate easily by nominating more
  • Interruption based on customer usage and proportionally to firm bookings
EnergyStock way of working

EnergyStock has developed these services in close cooperation with its customers. The services are designed to meet the requirements of EnergyStock’s customers. All the firm services are available at the flange and TTF.

The  main developments are summarized in this video clip. More information is available on the updates on our website.


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