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Newsletter 11 March 2015
EnergyStock Spring Auction 2015 successful

EnergyStock is very satisfied with the outcome of the Spring Auction 2015 in which 3 different services were auctioned at 10 March 2015. In total about 900,000 MWh available volume has been sold. Again new parties have been registered as a customer and were awarded services in the auction.

Auctioned services

The services were auctioned in 3 separate auctions:

  • The Spring Flex 2015 service was especially designed to capture extrinsic value as well as intrinsic value. In total 450,000 MWh was auctioned at the TTF for a period of 4 months starting at April 1st 2015. The 28 tranches each consisted of an injection and withdrawal capacity of 30 MWh/h and a working gas volume of 16,071 MWh. The service is filled for 2/3rd at the start and end date.
  • The Slow Motion TTF 2015 service was especially designed to capture intrinsic value. In total 648,000 MWh was auctioned at the TTF for a period of 9 months starting at July 1st 2015. Each of the 10 tranches consists of an injection capacity of 30 MWh/h during the summer period and a withdrawal capacity of 30 MWh/h during Q1 2016. The working gas volume is in line with the capacities and has a maximum of 64,800 MWh per tranche.
  • The Slow Motion Flange 2015 service is a working gas volume only service, especially designed to optimize customers portfolio by capturing more intrinsic and extrinsic value. In total 150,000 MWh was auctioned at the flange for a period of 9 months starting at July 1st 2015. Each of the 10 tranches consists of 15,000 MWh working gas volume.
Results of the auction

Upfront 22 registrations were received for participation in the auctions. The volume of the Slow Motion auctions was completely sold out. For the Spring Flex auction about half of the volume was sold.
The remaining volume of the Spring Flex 2015 auction is still available for customers for a period of 4 months starting at April 1st 2015. Interested parties can contact our Front Office / Back Office.

Optimization possibilities

The services auctioned can be used to capture intrinsic value driven by spreads on the forward curve as well as extrinsic value driven by spot volatility. In order to be able to make the most value out of this service auctioned, EnergyStock not only offered the services for a market based fee, but also gave the opportunity of altering the services to meet customers specific needs by offering additional injection and withdrawal capacity. Market parties highly appreciated being able to fine tune their flexibility needs to their specific demand and to capture maximum value with the services. For EnergyStock this was an important part of the success of the auction and the values of the auctioned services.

EnergyStock Approach works

Again new parties have been registered as EnergyStock customer to take part in this auction. The auction confirms that customers recognise the added value of the EnergyStock market and client based approach, whereby in response to market conditions, services are launched in a swift and customer-led way. EnergyStock believes in growing demand for flexibility services and wants to work with its customers to help further develop and realise the creation of a flexibility market.


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