Volatility Trading Service

This service is specifically developed for traders to profit from gas price fluctuations in the market. With this trading service you can benefit from spot volatility and capture intrinsic as well as extrinsic value. The characteristic of the Volatility Trading Service is to capture value of daily trading blocks with limited within day flexibility.


Capacity Volume
Multi cycle Single cycle
Profiled nominations Flat nominations
Trading Portfolio
No re-nominations Full re-nominations

Features - can be tailored to your specific needs -

  • Capture extrinsic and intrinsic value
  • Fixed trading blocks, flat nominations
  • Limited within day re-nomination possibilities
  • Volume and capacity defined for multi-cycle use
  • Ratio: 1:1:220 (SI:SO:WGV), adjustable to specific needs
  • No withdrawal and injection curve in place
  • Possibilities for gas in place at end and start date

All our firm services are available at the TTF and the Flange. The Accelerator Service is only available at the TTF. Services are offered on bilateral basis and via auctions.
Lead times are based on GTS regulations, with a minimum lead time of 30 minutes. For handling at TTF, an additional lead time of at least 5 minutes is applicable.

Booking reference

Services can be booked upfront with a maximum time-to-service that depends on the duration of the requested service. As an indication, you can take the following guidelines into account. These are just indicative guidelines, please always contact us in case of a request.

 Duration of the service  Bookings period, within:
 One until seven days  1 week before the Start Date
 One until four weeks  1 Month before the Start Date
 One until three months  Quarter before the Start Date
 Three until six months  Half year before the Start Date
 More than half year  One year before the Start Date

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