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The energy industry has entered a new era. Traditional energy companies and new entrants are embracing renewables and supply and demand are decentralizing at an accelerating pace. In addition, new independent energy companies and private initiatives, including LNG initiatives, are entering the market and platforms for gas trading are growing. Meanwhile, geopolitical issues put security of supply under pressure, while our domestic production, especially the Groningen field, is decreasing.

The increase in volatility results in significant changes in portfolio management and interesting gas trading opportunities. Price volatility is a key driver of the value and risk associated with flexible gas assets in European energy portfolios, for customer supply contracts, gas swing contracts and gas storage capacity. As a result, EnergyStock has developed a clear and objective volatility index and will publish that for your convenience on the website.

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Spot volatility rolling 30 days Updated - September 16, 2019
Price jumps 0
107 % Beeldmerk
Annual spot volatility Updated - September 16, 2019
Price jumps 6
62 % Beeldmerk

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