Upcoming Spring 2018 Auction

01 Mar 2018

EnergyStock will organize an Interruptible Spring Auction in 2018. This Spring 2018 Auction is scheduled for 15 May 2018. EnergyStock will offer three tranches of an interruptible service with delivery point TTF. For more information please have a look in this flyer.

Our current estimate is that the following Interruptible capacities and interruptible volumes will be auctioned:

3 Tranches, each tranche consisting of:

  • 200 MWh/h Injection capacity
  • 250 MWh/h Withdrawal capacity
  • 50,000 MWh Working Gas Volume

The service has an expected start date of 1/6/2018 and an end date of 31/3/2019. If you are interested in participating, please notify us via info@energystock.com before 13 March. For more information about the auction, you can contact Robert Luchies (b.r.luchies@energystock.com) or Inge de Groot (i.de.groot@energystock.com).

If you are considering participating in the auction, please make sure in time that you are registered as a TTF Customer. Full details on the registration can be obtained at our website.
More details on this auction, including historical interruption information and the final capacities and volumes, will be made available to the registered parties at the beginning of April 2018. The details of the auction service may be subject to change due to market developments.