TAQA, Eneco Gasspeicher and Gasunie Zuidwending Establish Gas Storage Netherlands

27 Sep 2011

TAQA, Eneco Gasspeicher and Gasunie Zuidwending today announced the establishment of Gas Storage Netherlands as a legally independent and non-profit association. Gas Storage Netherlands’ objective is to voice the opinion of its members in discussions related to the Dutch Gas Act and enhance dialogue with the Dutch Government, Netherlands Competition Authority, European Institutions and other stakeholders in relation to development of Dutch gas infrastructure.

Gas Storage Netherlands will act as a representative organisation for underground natural gas storage facilities connected to the Dutch grid and will be consulted on proceedings regarding the Dutch Gas Act. This will allow early notification in relation to developments at the Netherlands Competition Authority, Gas Transport Services (GTS) and regulation. Gas Storage Netherlands intends to collaborate with other organisations such as GSE (Gas Storage Europe) in achieving common goals.

The rapid depletion of flexibility offered by indigenous natural gas production in the Netherlands and longer transportation routes such as LNG and pipeline gas, combined with the increasing need for natural gas to support the transition to less flexible forms of renewable energy creates challenges in safeguarding energy supply at times of high demand. Sufficient natural gas storage capacity guarantees security of supply and ensures the flexibility required for a properly functioning gas market. The role of gas storage in securing energy supply will become increasingly important in the Netherlands.

Jan Willem van Hoogstraten, President of Gas Storage Netherlands: “TAQA is focused on being a major contributor to the establishment of the Northwest European gas hub in the Netherlands. Despite improvements over the past decade, there are still significant obstacles to the development of additional capacity in the Netherlands. Gas Storage Netherlands will allow gas storage developers and operators to speak with one voice and together create a favourable climate for new and existing gas storage facilities. Together with our members, we will ensure that issues such as predictable legislation, permitting processes and the creation of a Dutch and European-wide level playing field will rank high on the agenda of the European Institutions, Dutch government and regulators.”

The Board of Gas Storage Netherlands consists of Jan Willem van Hoogstraten, Managing Director TAQA Energy B.V. (President), Piet Frints, President Eneco Strategic Assets B.V. (Treasurer) and Willem Faber, Director Gasunie Zuidwending B.V. (Secretary). 

On May 20, 2014 Gasunie Zuidwending changed its company name to EnergyStock. This news item was posted by EnergyStock’s predecessor Gasunie Zuidwending before the name change.