Improvements to our TTF services now available

04 Apr 2017

Our market leading fast and reliable services enable our customers to address their flexibility needs. We are continuously looking to make our services more attractive and welcome the input from our customers. Growing interest in fast solutions for portfolio management and short term trading has led to developing the following improvements to our services.

Please be informed of two improvements to our TTF services that are now available.

  1. Accelerator Service now available
    The Accelerator Service provides 20% additional interruptible capacity on top of the contracted firm capacities and is offered for an attractive marked based pay-as-you-use fee.No upfront booking is required: you simply have to accelerate the capacity by nominating an additional 20%. All active TTF customers are able to use the Accelerator Service.You can find more information about the Accelerator Service on our website.
  2. The lead time for short lead time renominations is reduced to 35 minutes
    To further upgrade our TTF service, we have improved the renomination lead time requirements for the firm TTF capacity offered with short lead time renomination rights. For this firm capacity our customers can now benefit from a renomination lead time reduction from 50 minutes to 35 minutes. This includes the GTS renomination lead time requirement of 30 minutes. This reduction will enable our TTF customers to participate in  GTS balancing actions. The Accelerator Service  and the lead time reduction capability are available as from today.

    We hope these improvements will indeed make our TTF services more attractive and we always welcome comments about your experience of using our services.