Gasunie Zuidwending Auction - Slow Motion 2014

21 Feb 2014

Auction details
Gasunie Zuidwending will sell additional storage capacity and volume by means of a special one year deal via an auction-process scheduled for Wednesday March 12th 2014. This Slow Motion 2014 product will be for the period from April 1st 2014 until April 1st 2015. The product will consist of a total of 292,560 MWh of volume with an injection capacity of 90 MWh/h and a withdrawal capacity of 225 MWh/h (ratio = 0.4:1:1300; injection:withdrawal:volume). For each gas day the maximum withdrawal duration is 20 hours at maximum withdrawal capacity. The point of delivery is TTF. The product includes cost for injection and withdrawal. Gasunie Zuidwending maintains a reserved price. The reserved price for this product in this auction will be € 2.10 per MWh WGV.

More information
You can find more details on this auction in this document which describes the auction-procedure that will be applied by Gasunie Zuidwending, the process on how to join the auction as well as the processing of bids.

In order to have the auction process completed in time, parties that are not currently registered as a Gasunie Zuidwending customer are requested to go trough the registration process to become a customer. This process should be completed at the latest on Thursday February 27th 2014. More details on this registration process are described in the above mentioned auction-procedure.

On May 20, 2014 Gasunie Zuidwending changed its company name to EnergyStock. This news item was posted by EnergyStock’s predecessor Gasunie Zuidwending before the name change.