EnergyStock increases Working Gas Volume with 240,000 MWh

02 Sep 2014

Press Release

  • Decision taken after auction in which all new capacity has been sold
  • Fast cycle energy storage sells 2 x 120,000 MWh from October 1st 2014 until April 1st 2015
  • Again new parties have been registered as EnergyStock customer

EnergyStock has decided to increase its storage capacity, after good results of the ‘Indian Summer 2014’ auction held on Friday August 29th. All new gas storage capacity has been sold. EnergyStock has again responded quickly to market demand for additional storage capacity in high flexibility services.

EnergyStock will increase its storage volume by expanding its Working Gas Volume (WGV) at its storage facility in Zuidwending in the north of the Netherlands. This facility is the world’s fastest and most responsive gas storage and  has the unique ability of being able to increase or reduce volume in response to market demand. Following the auction, the WGV will be increased by further debrining one of the salt caverns of the facility.

Indian Summer 2014

To meet market needs EnergyStock has offered two times 120,000 MWh of its new capacity in an auction called ‘Indian Summer 2014’. The ‘Indian Summer 2014’ products are for the period from October 1st 2014 until April 1st 2015. One product consists of 120,000 MWh WGV at the flange, while the other of 120,000 MWh WGV will be delivered on TTF, together with fixed injection capacities and withdrawal capacities. The number of tranches offered were largely overbooked and have been allocated to five customers. The average price of the biddings was above the reserve prices of € 3,- per MWh WGV (flange) and € 4,- per MWh WGV (TTF).

EnergyStock Approach works

Again new parties have been registered as EnergyStock customer to take part in this auction. The auction confirms that customers recognise the added value of the EnergyStock market and client based  approach, whereby in response to market conditions, services are launched in a swift and customer-led way. EnergyStock believes in growing demand for flexibility services and wants to work with its customers to help further develop and realise the creation of a flexibility market.

Future auctions / flange and TTF-services

EnergyStock will keep offering more tailor made services. Any party interested is free to sign up as a customer, at no charge. Besides the auctioned product, EnergyStock has other flange and TTF services available. If you would like more information about these services, please visit Our Services on the website.