All gas storage capacity offered in Gasunie Zuidwending auction sold

13 Mar 2014

  • Fast cycle energy storage sells 292,560 MWh from April 1st 2014 untill April 1st 2015 in auction
  • Several new parties have been registered as Gasunie Zuidwending customer

All gas storage capacity offered in the Gasunie Zuidwending ‘Slow Motion 2014’ auction which was held 12 March has been sold. Gasunie Zuidwending is very pleased with the interest that has been expressed and the result of the auction. Gasunie Zuidwending welcomes the new registered customers.

'Slow Motion 2014'
To meet market needs Gasunie Zuidwending was offering almost 300,000 MWh of its additional capacity in an auction called ‘Slow Motion 2014’. The ‘Slow Motion 2014’ product is for the period from April 1st 2014 until April 1st 2015. The product consists of a total of 292,560 MWh of volume with an injection capacity of 90 MWh/h and a withdrawal capacity of 225 MWh/h (ratio = 0.4:1:1300; injection:withdrawal:volume). For each gas day the maximum withdrawal duration is 20 hours at maximum withdrawal capacity. The point of delivery is TTF. The number of tranches offered were largely overbooked. The average price of the biddings was considerably above the reserve price of € 2.1.

Future auctions / flange and TTF-services
As a result Gasunie Zuidwending expects to have more auctions of its products offered e.g. by selling more additional capacity. Any party interested is free to sign up as a customer, at no charge, to be able to participate in future auctions. Besides the auctioned product, Gasunie Zuidwending has other flange and TTF services available. If you wish further information about these services, please contact our Front Office/Back Office via

On May 20, 2014 Gasunie Zuidwending changed its company name to EnergyStock. This news item was posted by EnergyStock’s predecessor Gasunie Zuidwending before the name change.