Fee structure

EnergyStock offers a more flexible fee structure and market based prices to secure the commercial and financial attractiveness of the services to our customers. This means that the fees for our services change on a day to day basis to reflect market conditions.

In general, our fees are based on three value fundamentals.

  1. Within day flexibility
    Within day flexibility fulfills the flexibility needs of the end users market (households and small industries). Thereafter, within day flexibility provides security for energy suppliers to balance physical portfolios in case of ad hoc demands and/or unexpected disruptions.
    Furthermore, the value of within day trading can be captured.

  2. Intrinsic value
    Intrinsic value can be captured by trading on the forward curve, where the buy and sell positions are taken at the start of the contract and are not adjusted afterwards. We consider shorter and longer term price spreads on TTF in the fee calculation.

  3. Extrinsic value
    Extrinsic value can be captured by trading via different strategies as rolling intrinsic, delta hedging and spot trading. The higher the volatility the higher the extrinsic value. We publish a rolling 30-day and annual volatility index to visualize the price fluctuations in the market. Its methodology is described in a separate document. Our assumptions on volatility are related to the duration of the service.

For services delivered on the flange, transport and variable energy costs are to the account of the customer.

EnergyStock closely monitors market developments and uses statistical tools to determine the value components and fees. EnergyStock cooperates with our clients and is open for discussions on key value drivers behind our services.

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Fee structure
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