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EnergyStock owns a completely different kind of underground gas storage compared to the other traditional gas storage facilities in Europe. In fact, we operate the fastest gas storage facility in the world with significantly more cycle times than traditional facilities. Most of the traditional underground gas storage facilities are mainly able to address a seasonal or peak pattern. Given their injection and withdrawal specifications, the low turnover rates and lengthy switch times they cannot provide the high speed response needed to cope with the volatile patterns of the new energy world.


Our society is moving towards a new way of producing and using energy. Together we are creating a more sustainable system that is increasingly relying on the use of renewable energy sources like wind and sun. Renewable energy production is more unpredictable than the traditional fossil resources and does not offer the required supply continuity when renewables are unavailable. Given this volatility, gas-fired power plants are ideal to guarantee continuous supply. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and a carrier of energy in its own right.

In addition, new independent energy companies and private initiatives are entering the market and platforms for gas trading are growing. These developments will generate significant changes on energy portfolio management. New services from flexibility providers will be needed to shape the best energy sourcing strategy for your company.


We believe that these changes call for increasingly flexible energy storage; flexibility will become a stand-alone product with its own liquid market. We serve energy companies and traders with tailor-made solutions to optimise energy portfolios, manage risks and increase profits.


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EnergyStock is member of:

Gas Storage Nederland 
Gas Storage Nederland (Vereniging gasopslag Nederland - VGN) is an association that represents the interests of gas storage operators in the Netherlands. 

Gas Storage Europe (GSE)
GSE represents the Storage System Operators (SSO) in Europe towards the European Institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the European Union) as well as the European bodies of regulators (ERGEG, CEER) and other stakeholders.