Our customers

EnergyStock addresses the different flexibility needs of many industry players. On the one hand we provide portfolio balancing and management solutions for companies that need to handle load balancing, asset outages, system/portfolio stress and asset backed trading. Dispatch is driven by physical requirements and features limited forward hedging. On the other hand we support non-asset backed speculative trading clients who wish to reduce exposure to volatility, require support in structured trading and enable the sale of risk management products. Our trader clients look for dynamic capacity trading and a high trading churn.

Energy portfolio balancing

Storage flexibility allows our clients to handle load balancing, asset outages, and system/portfolio stress.

Energy portfolio management

Storage flexibility supports portfolio flexibility and balancing. Some clients restrict forward hedging of storage to retain flexibility.

Asset-backed trading

A centralised trading function optimises and hedges storage, which also handles load flexibility of retail clients and a peaking gas-fired plant.

Speculative trading

Storage capacity reduces exposure to volatility, supports structured trading and supports the sale of risk management products. 

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