Update technical problem with compressor unit at Zuidwending Storage Facility

14 Jun 2013

Following the fire of January 30th, three out of five high voltage transformers have been repaired since 13 June 2013. During this modification process it appeared that also another transformer is damaged badly and needs to be replaced. A replacement transformer will be installed late July 2013 and will be ready for operation early September 2013. Until then, this duty will be taken over by the new compressor unit of the current expansion project, which has come on stream since 4 June 2013. Despite the fact that the new compressor was intended for the first gas fill of the 5th cavern of the storage facility, Gasunie Zuidwending trusts that the facility can be operated in such a way that the new compressor can handle both duties simultaneously.

On May 20, 2014 Gasunie Zuidwending changed its company name to EnergyStock. This news item was posted by EnergyStock’s predecessor Gasunie Zuidwending before the name change.