Upcoming auction: details

19 Feb 2015

Beginning of February EnergyStock announced it plans to have auctions for the storage year 2015. The first auctions are scheduled to be launched on 10 March 2015. EnergyStock will offer three different services in these auctions. In total approximately 900,000 MWh will be auctioned. More information on these auctions can be found in the document EnergyStock auction details Spring 2015. End of February EnergyStock will provide all the details in the auction procedures including reserved prices.

Optimization possibilities

EnergyStock is taking a leading role by providing innovative solutions. In order to be able to make the most value out of this service auctioned, EnergyStock not only offers the services for a market based fee, but also gives the opportunity of altering the services to meet customers specific needs by offering additional injection and withdrawal capacity. The fee for these add-ons can be negotiated upfront the auction and contracting of these add-ons will be conditional to awarding of the according service in the auction.