Upcoming auction

11 Feb 2014

In November 2013, Gasunie Zuidwending has held an auction called the Olympic Winter Sprint Deal 2014. Gasunie Zuidwending was pleased with the process of this auction. Based on the success of this auction, Gasunie Zuidwending will use more often the auction process. Gasunie Zuidwending will continue to look at market needs and will offer more specific storage capacity products to the market. A new Gasunie Zuidwending product is scheduled to be launched via an auction early March 2014.

The product that will be auctioned in the upcoming event will be for the period of April 2014 to the first of April 2015. The offered capacities will consist of a total of 292,560 MWh of volume, an injection capacity of 90 MWh/h and a withdrawal capacity of 225 MWh/h (ratio = 0.4:1:1300; injection:withdrawal:volume). Per gas day, withdrawal is consented to 20 hours at maximum withdrawal capacity. Point of delivery will be TTF.

More details on this auction will be published within two weeks, the auction will be held by the beginning of March. Next to this auction, Gasunie Zuidwending plans to offer short term products on a quarterly as well as on a monthly basis.

On May 20, 2014 Gasunie Zuidwending changed its company name to EnergyStock. This news item was posted by EnergyStock’s predecessor Gasunie Zuidwending before the name change.