Timera Energy comments on the 'Volatility Events' in 2016 as illustrated by the EnergyStock Volatility Dashboard

27 Jun 2016

After a broader overview on the development of TTF prices and volatility in the previous commentary, Timera Energy, an independent energy consultant, focusses on the two 'Volatility Events' in 2016 for this quarterly commentary. The primary driver of the most recent jump in volatility was a sharp 'short squeeze' across European hubs in late April. Curious to find out more? Please have a look at our Volatility Dashboard.

If you are interested in the impact of LNG imports on European hub price dynamics and volatility, we recommend to read the new article published today on the Timera Energy blog.

For your information, the next commentary is expected to be published in the beginning of Q4. In case of questions about the volatility dashboard in general or this commentary, please feel free to contact us.

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