Timera Energy comments on the volatility development in Q3

09 Oct 2017

In the absence of any specific market shocks over the last period, gas price volatility tends to display a more seasonal behavior as shown in our Volatility Dashboard. In this commentary Timera zooms in on NPB versus TTF pricing dynamics which seem to further diverge since the retirement of Rough. Furthermore, Timera Energy looks forward to...

Gasunie converts sustainable energy into hydrogen with first 1 MW Power-to-gas installation in the Netherlands

30 Jun 2017

Gasunie invests in power-to-gas installation to spark market for hydrogen; Gasunie subsidiaries EnergyStock and New Energy aim to convert sustainable  electricity into hydrogen for mobility and industry; First power-to-gas installation of 1 Megawatt in the Netherlands, to be completed in September 2018; Underground Gas Storage...

EnergyStock will finish its planned maintenance period earlier as expected

15 Jun 2017

The EnergyStock maintenance period had originally been planned for Monday 12th June 2017 starting 06:00 Dutch local time (04:00 UTC) until Saturday 17th June 2017 06:00 Dutch local time (04:00 UTC). The EnergyStock service will actually be resumed per Friday 16th June 2017 06:00 Dutch local time (04:00 UTC).

Timera Energy comments on the volatility development in Q2

13 Jun 2017

The volatility rise in 2016 has taken a pause in 2017 as can been seen in our Volatility Dashboard. In this commentary Timera takes a look at two of the factors, respectively the potential loss of further gas supply flexibility and power sector switching dynamics, that are likely to determine whether the recovery in TTF spot volatility...

Large hydrogen project with thousands of solar panels

12 Apr 2017

Gasunie subsidiaries EnergyStock and New Energy aim to convert sustainable  electricity into green hydrogen for mobility and industry; First power-to-gas installation of at least 1 MW in the Netherlands; Underground gas storage Zuidwending ideal location thanks to buffer capacity and connection with main infrastructure; Pilot project...

Improvements to our TTF services now available

04 Apr 2017

Our market leading fast and reliable services enable our customers to address their flexibility needs. We are continuously looking to make our services more attractive and welcome the input from our customers. Growing interest in fast solutions for portfolio management and short term trading has led to developing the following improvements to...

Timera Energy comments on the drivers of volatility across the winter

22 Mar 2017

In the Q4 2016 commentary Timera Energy set out 5 key factors to watch over the current winter. As winter draws to a close, Timera returns to these factors in their Q1 2017 commentary to review what happened.  In addition, Timera views whether the increasing volatility continues in 2017.

Reminder: Conversion to daylight saving time

21 Mar 2017

On gas day 25 March 2017 there will be a switch from winter time to summer time. This means that this gas day will have 23 hours. To avoid any problems which may occur, please be aware of the following: EnergyStock expects nominations according to the EDIGAS protocol. This means that a nomination for this gas day (25 March) consists of 23...

Withdrawal Spring 2017 Auction

17 Feb 2017

We look back at three successful days at E-world with many fruitful and interesting discussions with current and potential customers. There was much interest in our premium full flexibility service and our new service, the Accelerator Service. We have discussed the Spring 2017 Auction service, a seasonal spread trading service, with many...

Upcoming Spring 2017 Auction & Accelerator Service

31 Jan 2017

Just as last year, EnergyStock is again organising the Spring Auction in 2017. The Spring 2017 Auction is scheduled for 9 March 2017. EnergyStock will offer a single-cycle trading service with delivery point TTF. Approximately 100.000 MWh will be auctioned, with a capacity of 45 MWh/h Injection during Summer and 60 MWh/h Withdrawal during Q1...

Timera Energy comments on the highest level of volatility in 2016

08 Dec 2016

The start of the festive holiday season is an appropriate time to look back and review the evolution of volatility over the last twelve months and think about what may lie ahead for the current winter and beyond. Curious to the effect of the reduction Rough and the Groningen Field? Then, please have a look at the quarterly commentary by...

Opportunities for traders with LNG and Fast Cycle Storage flexibility

04 Nov 2016

At EMART Energy, EnergyStock shared its view on the opportunities for traders with a position in LNG and Fast Cycle Storage as a result of new LNG supplies. At this moment, we are present at EMART Energy with a stand in conjunction with ICE Endex. Henk Abbing, managing director of EnergyStock spoke about the effect of increasing LNG supply on...