EnergyStock: the first Dutch energy company to obtain the ISO 50001 energy management certificate

03 Oct 2016

We are proud to inform you that we have obtained an ISO 50001 energy management certificate.
The ISO 50001 certificate has been awarded to recognise that EnergyStock has a process in place to continually address and improve the energy usage and the related footprint of our operations.

The ISO 50001 certificate underpins our strategy to improve our energy-efficiency and footprint reduction. This certificate is not an end in itself but represents the start of more initiatives in this area. We aim to continue to  reduce our energy use, our energy costs and our greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, in 2016 we started to purchase certificates for electricity that has been generated by sustainable sources. We aim to increase this percentage gradually over the coming years. As well as implementing sustainable energy sources, we will also continue to work on reducing our energy consumption.