EnergyStock introduces new services and volatility dashboard

15 Oct 2015

In May 2014 our EnergyStock B.V. brand was launched. It marked the start of our strategy and positioning of the company. Thereafter, in close cooperation with our customers and other players in the industry we have brought our strategy to life. Hereby we would like to inform you about the latest EnergyStock developments.

EnergyStock is introducing:

  • New Services
  • An Accelerator Service
  • Revised Fee Structure
  • The Volatility Dashboard

Main developments are summarized in this video clip!

New Services

EnergyStock offers three main firm flexibility services and an interruptible service. These services have been developed in close cooperation with our customers and are aligned to their needs. The services can be booked from today with a start date as of January 1st 2016. All our firm services are available at the flange and TTF.

Fee structure

EnergyStock offers market based prices to make our services attractive to our customers. This means that the fees reflect market conditions on a day to day basis. The key value fundamentals on which we determine our tariffs are: within day flexibility, extrinsic and intrinsic value.

Sales Channels

Services are offered on bilateral basis and via auctions. Some auctions are on regular basis. Other auctions take place when market circumstances are right.

Volatility dashboard live!

Volatility is a key driver for commercial and risk management decisions of energy companies and energy traders. Therefore, EnergyStock has developed a clear and objective index. On our company website we will be publishing live information on the rolling 30-days and annual TTF gas price volatility in a volatility dashboard.

More information

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